The biggest flipcup tournament in the USA

Denver, CO

What is FlipCupalooza?

Welcome to the 9th Annual Flipcup'alooza Tournament & Block Party!
This is the biggest flipcup event in the country, and its right here in Denver, Colorado. The tournament is CoED Teams of 5's, with mandatory themes.

64-128 teams, 16 Divisions (tables), Round Robin tourney, expanded Burly (32) Championship Bracket. 50+ beer kegs, T-shirts, DJ Escal8, and food stations will keep your senses overloaded. So fun it'll hurt. Register a team or purchase a spectator ticket with all you can drink beer!

It's simple... this is the natural evolution of a house party. We outgrew our garage in Wash Park and it was time to turn it up a couple of notches!
The party has been relocated to Fado's in downtown Denver (LoDo), on the Colorado Rockies walk way. Our beats maestro for the event is a infamous turn table mixologist Dj Escal8! Their will be 16 tables of officially sanctioned competitive shenanigans. Beer vendors will have a constant flow of your favorite brews and themed partiers running around bragging about single flipping. Chest bumps and High 5's are optional. The tournament will last from 3-10p, followed by the award presentation, and then we will shove into the bar and dance the rest of the night away with the live band. Can you hang?

Scout talent and size up the competition at Free Agent Practices & Pickups, Thursday nights at ViewHouse on Sept.4 . Stay tuned.


Saturday, September 13, 2014

9.00 AM Champions eat a healthy breakfast... you'll need it.
10.00 AM Organizers start preparing for the party of the year.
3.00 PM Registration Opens (CAPTAINS ONLY)
3.00 PM Beer Rig Opens
3.00 PM Beer Runners / Referees (REPORT IN)
3.30 PM Referee Training
3.45 PM Teams Members (REPORT IN) w/captains
4.00 PM Tournament Rules (all teams)
4:25 PM Group Picture
4.45 PM Worlds Longest Flipcup Match (all teams + all tables)
5.30 PM Tournament Starts
9.00 PM Championship Match
9.30 PM Tournament Ends
10.00 PM Champions / Prizes Awarded
10.15 PM Head into Bar / Party with Live Band!

Register to join this amazing event!


Choose the right ticket for you.

$25 Spectator

Their will be 50-100 spectator tickets depending on availability. The guaranteed way into the party is to join/create a team.


$190 CoED Team

Teams consist of 5 CoED members (2 girl minimum). All female teams are welcome. Free agents welcome.



Round Robin
64-128 Teams Max
16 Divisions (Tables)
5 Teams per Division (teams assigned to 1 table)
Burly 32 (expanded) Team Championship Bracket
Mandatory Themes
$190 Per CoED Team ($38 / person)
Only Captains can register and pay team fee
Each table will have a dedicated referee
Their will be 1 beer runner for every 2 tables
Referee's will have a zebra referee shirt and a whistle
NEW: (2) 60" Flat Screens (Bracket Status + Team Assignments)
NEW: Command Center Tent for direct access to Organizers
NEW: Massive Costumed Harlem Shake Video Creation
NEW: Worlds Longest Flipcup Match
NEW: Real Tourny Updates on your SmartPhone!
NEW: A live band will be performing after the tournament.
NEW: Improved tournament organization to reduce delays.
Food Tents available
All you can drink beer
All you can drink GLUTEN FREE beer * New Planet Brewery

Viking Cup Challenge: Singles Tournament*

NEW: Competition for the Viking King of the Tournament Crown!
NEW: Competition for the Viking Queen of the Tournament Crown!
Competitors will have to flip 20 cups consecutively, and will be timed.
You only get 1 chance per cup in quick sucession.
Each cup will contain 1 swig of beer to ensure the drink/flip motion is consistent.
Best Score Wins.
*only registrants that are apart of the CoED Tourny can participate.

Round Robin

There will up to 128 teams that will consist of a minimum of 5 players.
Teams must be CoED and have a minimum of 2 girls per team, no exceptions (DO NOT ASK).
All Female teams are welcome.
Teams must be themed and wear a costume (open to your discretion).
Only registered players will compete in the tournament and eligible for prizes.

Teams will compete in a round robin tournament with 16 divisions. Each table will house its own division, their could be anywhere from 4-6 teams in each division. Teams will be assigned to one division (one table) and will play each team in their division for the top spot. The winner of each division will advance to the Burly 32 Championship bracket Tourny for the trophys, t-shirts, prizes and cash award.

Team vs Team = Match
Match = 3 rounds
Winner = Win 2 out of 3 rounds

Teams will face off in a best 2 out of 3 rounds. Each match will last up to 5 mins long. Each match will net 1 point, the teams with the most points will auto advance to the Sweet Beer-teen.

Tie Breakers

If multiple teams have the same finishing record and are tied. The teams will conduct a tie breaker called a "shit storm".
Every player on the table will flip at the same and the first team to have every team member flip their cup will win. Best 2 out of 3 wins.


1st Place: $650 Bar/Food Tab, $250 Uber Credit, Flipcup Championship Belt, Individual Trophies, Custom Colorado Bohica Corn Hole Set, Scorzies
2nd Place: $450 Bar/Food Tab, $150 Uber 2nd Place Medalions, Scorzies, 365 Branded Hats
3rd Place: $250 Bar/Food Tab, Participation ribbons, Scorzies, a big pat on the back

Viking Cup Challenge: King or Queen of the Tournament: Viking crown, 365 Branded Hoodies, $100 Uber
Best Team Costume: $150 Bar/Food Tab

Volunteers / Work

16 Referees (paid $40, free entry and $10 food)
8 Beer Runners (paid $40, free entry and $10 food, non-friends)
Volunteers (free entry)


Fado Irish Pub *Rockies Walkway
1735 19th Street
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 297-0066


Come play with us.

Step 2: Pay for Team

We can only accept registration through the Ezregister website via the link below. You can have someone else pay on your behalf (through the site) if you don't want to sign up that way.


STEP 1: Enter Captain Info, Submit Your Team into the Tourny (Button)
STEP 2: Pay for Team or Spectator Tix (Button) (*look for popup window)
STEP 3: Check Team Page in 24 Hours for your Team #

CAPTAINS: If you do not have a team name, insert TBD as the name.
CAPTAINS: Email, if you do not see your team on the team page within 24 Hours.

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